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Woke up at 3:30 am itching to start sketching stuff for this illustration job I got (cover for a booklet on the new rights of domestic cleaners for a feminist NGO) then realized I need specs I forgot to ask for, am now frustrated.

Self-portrait (panel for a personal comic)
An illustration I made of me and my friends playing DnD, for a personal project!

I have so much to do and feel like I can’t do anything even though I KNOW that I can and I KNOW I’ll feel like a triumphant and beautiful and victorious witch once I’ve magicked the mess out of my dwellings.


Details from mixed media installation pieces by duo Nicole Andrijevic & Tanya Schultz

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Cute accessories inspired by sea life, hand sculpted in polymer clay by Iratxe Maruri

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Went to the loveliest exhibition in Gosport today, every item was hand knitted. So impressive to think of the time and effort everyone involved has gone to!

Some really creative ideas, inspired me to learn how to knit!


Angel Olsen | If It’s Alive, It Will

my friend if it’s alive, it will do anything
and if it’s strong enough, believe it will go there
and if it’s full of love, know it is capable of
emptying itself out at any point at all

just know that the height you reach
is this distance you could fall

this is important

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enough depression blogging have this cat

the drama is this

Me: “Thing is, my family loves to pseudothreaten to cut me off even though they don’t seem to have any intention of ever doing so, just so they can blame me for growing up. And next year I’ll be 25 and my dad will have no legal obligation of providing for me anymore even though I’ll still be in college.”
My Therapist: “Do you think he will just cut you off? Because there’s been successful court appeals that challange this…”
Me: “I don’t really think so, but he’s been badly depressed and his finances have always been a disgusting disaster I don’t want to depend on.”
She: “Of course not.”
Me: “I could be financially secure through my own hard work and not have to rely on money from my shitty family, which would be great for my physical and emotional stability in the short term, but then I’d have to postpone my college graduation. And last semester I got so overworked I think I might not want to get a Master’s anymore.”
She: “So in the long term you’d unconsciously feed your dependence on your family by not achieving a higher education level that allows you to become really successful on your own terms?”
Me: “…”
Me: *head explodes*
Me: *uncontrollable despair*
Me: *inability to function ever since*
Me: *absolutely no idea what to do*